natural swimming pools

Clarity & Beauty

The world’s naturally pristine waters are the result of intricately balanced living ecosystems.  Symbiotic relationships between every level - from microorganisms on through the human scale – play specific and critical roles in the health, clarity, and sanitation of the environment. 

In stark contrast, traditional swimming pools rely on chemicals to kill off all living organisms. While this effectively solves most issues of pool maintenance, this approach is labor intensive, costly, and devastating from an environmental and health standpoint.

Design & Build

Natural swimming pools designed and built by Kane Brothers dispel the need for chemicals in the swimming environment. Through careful engineering and specification of a site’s ecology, our pools utilize only natural processes to handle the wide array of filtration needed for a crystal-clear swimming pool. Through innovative design, we are able to meet any thematic requirements of aesthetics. From the completely natural pond to the formality of a classically styled pool, a Kane Brothers chemical-free pool allows you to swim naturally in any environment.

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