Koi Pond Maintenance-Chicago

Koi Pond Maintenance-Chicago

Ensuring your water feature provides a lifetime of enjoyment

Maintenance of koi ponds, water gardens, waterfalls and fountains are essential to preserving their beauty. Aquatic plants and koi also need special care to ensure their health and appearance is maintained. Our experience enables us to provide ongoing care to ensure that all of the elements found in your outdoor landscape receive the regular care and attention they deserve. Our conscientious technicians provide water garden, fountain and koi pond maintenance services on a weekly, monthly, seasonal, or as needed basis.

Water features may need restoration services from time to time. In addition to providing maintenance services, we will work with you to repair and enhance your existing water features. Waterfall or stream repairs and additions, filtration upgrades, pond expansion and seasonal aquatic planting services are available. Some of our more popular services include:

*Koi Pond Maintenance and Cleaning

*Water Garden Cleaning and Maintenance

*Natural Swimming Pool Maintenance

*Pond Closings and Water Feature Winterization