• Stone Retaining Wall
  • Large Bluestone Patio, Waterfall
  • Stone Retaining Wall
  • Large Bluestone Patio, Stone Fire pit
  • Custom entry gate

artistic hardscape design & construction

Distinctive stone patios and terraces

Enchanting gardens, with their winding beds and elegant water features, are indeed lovely. However, even the most charming garden would not be entirely complete without appropriate hardscaping.

Our inspired water features and natural gardens are complemented by our innovative hardscape designs and installed by our award-winning landscape construction staff. From meandering walking paths and stunning, large bluestone patios to detailed boulder retaining walls, our hardscape features are designed to enhance and refine your outdoor environment.

We strive to ensure that every design decision—whether creative or practical—is aligned with your projects success. In this way, the final result balances your expectations with the overall mood and feel of your outdoor landscape.

Just as natural gardens and water features require maintenance to remain alluring, hardscape elements also require attention. In addition to assisting with maintenance, we offer restoration and repair services for your new and existing hardscape features.

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