• inspired garden designer
  • inspired garden design
  • inspired garden design
  • inspired garden design
  • inspired garden design

Garden and Landscape Design

Turning your home into a breathtaking getaway

Whether you prefer a lush, natural garden that sets a romantic mood, or a more formal outdoor area that pleases the eye with its symmetry, our artisans unite inspired design, creative planting palettes, and customized water features to create a captivating, inviting space.

To design a garden that truly reflects your spirit and imagination, we ensure you are involved from the outset. From the initial consultation through construction, our aim is to shape your outdoor environment to your vision. Kane Brothers has been nationally recognized for their vast, inspired landscape design range including indoor garden environments, sprawling country estates, and Japanese gardens.

With the proper care, your garden will flourish. Ongoing maintenance services provided by our staff of experienced professionals will ensure your garden remains exquisite despite seasonal and environmental changes.

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